Friday, 22 July 2011


This is me on my bike in Spain at the Europeans, which was a tough course, with a long gradual climb but an equally long downhill.
In an effort to pick up my speed and see how much I can push myself, I've done two time trials (TT's) with the lovely blokes at Alford Wheelers CC, which I'm now a member of. Handbikes are not normally allowed in TT's but they have organised an exemption for me to be able to participate and a H&S check of the 10 mile course. I also have two red flashing lights on the back of my bike plus a flag to allow others riders and motorists to see me.
Last week I did 44:10mins, in a negative split of 24:00/20:10, which was my fastest pace ever, then I caught a lurgy and was off training for three days. Still feeling a bit under the weather with a cough, I went along, determined to at least cut off a minute or two. I really pushed myself and did the course in 40:39 in blustery conditions, knocking 3:51 mins off my time!! I reckon the pasta lunch and wispa ice-cream before the race must be the answer. I'm hoping that I can do my next Triathlon bike race split in 46:00 (distance of 20km) which would be a massive 8:04mins faster than my first flat course race at Holmepeirre Pont in May.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Swimming breakthrough!

I've had a bit of a breakthrough in my swimming today and am really pleased. I discovered that I am naturally very buoyant in the water during a Swim Smooth day back in May and my style as a 'swinger' means I need the mobility in my shoulders to not be hampered by a wetsuit. I have struggled to swim well in a wetsuit so have been doing some (warm) sessions in my local pool.
Today I finally managed to be faster in a wetsuit than without one, beating my non-wetsuit PB of 14:43 mins and achieving 13:56 mins for 750m! I was actually quite tired after my gym session and I have a sore throat so thought my time trial had not gone well...
I'm so pleased that I have signed up for a swim in Morecombe Bay in late August (should be nice and warm by then) and an ironman distance in Coniston Water mid August of 3.8km. I'm looking forward to transferring my new found skills to open water, and contemplating an Ironman in 2012.